No-Fault Attorneys Specializing in Catastrophic Injuries

Liss, Seder & Andrews is an experienced team of No-Fault attorneys and litigators specializing in representing clients with significant brain and spinal cord injuries.

Our mission is to secure all rights and benefits for catastrophically injured auto accident victims and their families through highly effective, creative and tenacious legal representation.

No One Knows No-Fault Like We Do.

Michigan’s Automobile No-Fault Insurance law is notoriously complex and will only grow more challenging as the 2019 changes to the law take effect. Auto Accident Survivors and their Families need experienced and effective advocates who will stand up for them and fight for the insurance benefits they deserve.

At Liss, Seder & Andrews, no-fault litigation is all we do.

For catastrophically injured clients and their families, it’s the difference between living and merely surviving. Our reputation has been built on successes both inside and outside of the courtroom, fighting tirelessly and tenaciously for our clients’ rights—and our results speak for themselves.


“I’m really happy with the settlement. After 6 years of waiting, we were finally compensated. If it wasn’t for Liss, Seder & Andrews, I don’t know if we would have made it through it.”

Marlow - Client


“Liss, Seder & Andrews, they protected us. Not just the legal aspects, but the personal aspects. We were scared. We were angry. They took care of everything. They were our guardian angels. They’re like family.”

Edith V. - Client