Michigan Auto No-Fault Information

No-Fault Organizations and Courts

A severe automobile accident can change lives in a moment. Not only is the experience traumatic for catastrophically injured victims and their families, but navigating the complexities of Michigan’s No-Fault insurance law can be overwhelming.

Whether you are a family member of an accident victim or an attorney looking to help a client navigate new waters, the resources below will provide critical information and context on Michigan’s No-Fault auto insurance law. Contact us today to discuss your situation and learn how we can help.

No-fault Statutes

It is no small task to understand Michigan’s notoriously complex auto No-Fault law. Liss & Andrews is committed to providing educational resources to individuals looking to learn more about the No-Fault law and how it may impact accident victims and their families.

Below are direct links to the statutes within Michigan’s No-Fault law that we believe to be most valuable to catastrophic injury victims and their families.


• Motor Vehicle Liability Policy Minimum Coverage
Statute: 500.3009 — Motor Vehicle Liability Policy; Minimum Coverage; Exclusion of Named Person; Notice; Documentary Evidence of Deleted Coverages

• Security and Documentation
Statute: 500.3101 — Security for Payment of Benefits Required; Period Security Required to be In Effect; Deletion of Coverages; Definitions; Policy of Insurance or Other Method of Providing Security; Filing Proof of Security; “Insurer” Defined

• Expenses and Work Loss
Statute: 500.3107 — Expenses and Work Loss for Which Personal Protection Benefits Payable

• PIP Coverage Level
Statute: 500.3107c — Personal Protection Insurance; Coverage Level
Statute: 500.3107d — Election Not to Maintain Coverage for Personal Protection Insurance Benefits

• Personal Protection Benefits
Statute: 500.3109 — Subtraction of Other Benefits from Personal Protection Benefits; Injured Person Defined; Deductible Provision

• Deductibles and Exclusions
Statute: 500.3109a — Offering Deductibles and Exclusions Reasonably Related to Other Health and Accident Coverage; Rates; Approval; Applicability

• Overdue Benefits
Statute: 500.3142 –- Personal Protection Benefits Payable as Loss Accrues: Overdue Benefits

• Attorney Fees
Statute: 500.3148 –- Attorney’s Fee

• Mental and Physical Examinations
Statute: 500.3151 –- Submission to Mental or Physical Examination

• Charges for Treatment
Statute: 500.3157 –- Charges for Treatment or Training