March 2019
Bike/car accident
On a Saturday evening in May 2017, Avoryanna Harper was a helmetless 21-year-old passenger on a motorcycle that hit a stopped SUV in a head-on crash in Cadillac.
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Lawyer writing in book
Plaintiff suffered a severe traumatic brain injury in a 2011 automobile accident. His treating doctors prescribed 24- hour attendant care. His insurance company would only compensate for aide-level care despite the complexity of the care provided by his mother, a registered nurse and also despite the prescription for attendant care by a treating physician at...
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EMS responding to accident
Plaintiff, a highly educated and functioning husband, father and provider for his family before the automobile accident sustained a frontal lobe traumatic brain injury and associated significant impairments in his judgment and higher-level executive functions as a result of a catastrophic motor vehicle accident.
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